JCD Forward a local or national agency? JCD Forward, LLC is a local staffing agency that is currently located in Fort Worth, TX.


How much does JCD Forward Company Pay? $8 -$16 per hour depending on job position.


How often will I get paid?  Semi-monthly


Will I have a set schedule? No, for agents that enroll with an Arise client, you will have the freedom to pick your schedule every week as you see fit. Any other position work schedule will be set by the client.


Do you complete a background check? Yes, however, we are a background friendly company.


Are there any costs involved with signing up as an independent contractor? There is a cost for signing up for a certification course per client for Arise enrolled contractors. The certification cost range from $20-$250 depending on the client course selected for Arise enrolled contractors.


How long are the certification courses? Arise certification course time frame is between 4-8 weeks.


Will I be required to complete a drug test? Yes, it will be determined by the client you select to service.