Work at Home

Credit referral Agents

*Are you starting a another year and dragging the past year's debt along with you?

*Has your household income decreased due to the pandemic?

*Need to save up funds for that dream vacation this summer?

We are excited to announce that our Work at Home as a credit referral agent program:

This program is designed to assist individuals by adding more income to their household. The primary responsibility is to leverage your social media platform to drive traffic to interest in credit restoration or rebuilding services. We will provide the agent with our private credit posts, captions, and hashtags to aid in your referral business.


1.) Post at least twice a day on all social media platforms

2.) Only use pre-made posts, captions, and tags with the JCD Forward logo and business information, $19.97 access fee. Otherwise, create your own post (with restriction to use any of JCD Forward's business or logo on online or printed material).

3.) Have a account

4.) Must sign NDA, Independent Contractor Agreement and W9

You will receive access to your own private client portal. Inside the portal, you will be able to access webform for referral processing as well as keep an eye on your referral progress and commission earned from referrals. You will be able to earn $20 for each referral that is converted from a referral lead to a client for credit services.